Swiss wow with concept cars

Swiss designers are capturing the public imagination with futuristic concept cars, now on display at the International Motor Show in Geneva.

This year’s show is expected to attract 700,000 visitors in ten days, making it the biggest crowd-pulling event in the Swiss calendar. It’s also one of the world’s most important automobile shows, together with Frankfurt, Paris, Detroit und Tokyo. Some 900 models including 148 world and European premieres are displayed in huge exhibition halls. “Technology” and “Design” are the two key words that best characterise the show – and the Swiss are big on both. Swiss design school Sbarro reveals an unusual selection of concept vehicles including the open-top Mojave roadster and the off-road buggy ArCad. Rinspeed, another Swiss concept car manufacturer, is also in Geneva with the self-driving electric vehicle “Oasis”. Among other things, the car features a small garden with enough space to grow radishes or even Bonsai trees.

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