Coronavirus' silver linings - S02E01

It's been a year since the coronavirus pandemic swept across the globe: how did you cope with it?

Watch the first episode of Season 2 of the Coronavirus' Silver Linings to learn about how a family in Zurich traveled the world from home, an artist found new inspiration, and much more. Last spring, when the coronavirus pandemic reached Switzerland, we asked you – our readers and viewers – to send us a video or voice message of your silver linings during this time of uncertainty. A year later, we are reaching out to you again for your stories and perspectives. Have you had any positive experiences over the last year? Did you learn something new or develop strategies to make everyday life bearable despite restrictions and concerns? Did you find joy in something unexpected? We'd love to hear from you – and include your story in one of our silver linings episodes. To be considered for an upcoming episode, send your videos or pictures with an accompanying voice message, to

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