The Swiss restaurant that serves up leftovers

Would you eat warmed up leftovers? You can get them at a new pop-up restaurant in eastern Switzerland that is fighting food waste.

Students in Eastern Switzerland have come up with a novel business idea to combat food waste: a pop-up restaurant that reuses hotel leftovers. Samuel Indermühle and Chiang Dinh-Khai Nguyen are students at the Passugg Hotel Management School in eastern Switzerland, and were asked to come up with a project focused on sustainability. Food waste is a huge problem in Switzerland, with 190 kg of food being thrown away every year: that’s 190 kg per person, corresponding to about fourty 30 litre garbage bags. The pair came up with the idea of creating culinary delicacies from the leftovers from the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, and general manager Marco Zanolari didn’t need much persuading to back the plan.

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